Why join another consulting company when you’ve already worked for a variety of consulting companies, ranging from start up, to enterprise, or building your own ?

I remember people asking me this question when they heard that I’m going to work for another consulting company. The reasons that were clear to me:

  • The opportunity will allow me to work on high stakes interesting problems. More specifically, building scalable distributed enterprise platforms where there is so much more to learn, compared to simple application development (in my past consulting life).

  • The opportunity will allow me to learn a lot from smart and driven people with 10–20 years of experience from companies like Microsoft, Google, etc…

  • This opportunity will allow me to build and scale a team. I like mentoring and coaching other people. I like to be a part of other people’s success

Fast forward, it’s been about 4 months since I started at Nuvalence. It’s been a wild ride to say the least, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve been heads down at building the team in Toronto. The hiring headcount is about 10 to 12 so far, and the team is growing quickly due to increasing demand from our clients. The type of engagements just keep getting more and more interesting: from partnering with a top car manufacturer helping build their autonomous self driving car platform, to Stanford University and Microsoft on the medical platform for Covid, to a leading SaaS Human Capital Management company building out their next generation  HCM platform, etc… One of the things that I respect a lot at Nuvalence is that we stay true to the type of work that we are committed to do, i.e. high stakes high impact type of work with a focus on building distributed enterprise platforms. This type of work makes it so much more interesting for the engineers. It provides more room for the engineers to grow and learn as they are building the capabilities for both creators and consumers of our clients’ platforms (For more in-depth explanation regarding what a digital platform truly is, check this article out). That being said, focusing on “platform work” opens up so many doors and learning opportunities with infrastructure-centric work .  For example – cloud migration, modernization of the existing platform, etc…

The transparency at Nuvalence also amazes me. The company has 2 major company wide stand ups each week. Important announcements and kudos are made. The partners give an update about all the future/current sales opportunities and let people know how those opportunities impact the company. In addition, they let everybody know how they can participate and contribute to those opportunities. You have an idea? Reach out. Drive it. Feel empowered. Own it. Have an impact. Everybody will support you. One of the other aspects of transparency that I like is that the company financials are accessible to anyone in the company. This sets the tone for financial accountability at the company. If the company is doing very well, you’ll know. If the company is doing ok, you’ll know. The performance of the company and your performance at the company have a direct correlation with how well you will do. The partners genuinely care that you understand the financials of the company. They make time to explain the “Accounting 101” of the financials to people who want to learn and understand how it works. Not only are you then able to understand and track the company finances, but who knows, you might even use that knowledge for your own venture’s financial one day.

I also feel incredibly lucky to be working with a very smart team. I’m constantly learning something new by working with each one of them. They have a lot of experience building complex digital platforms. Some of them have 10–20 years of experience, while others spent their past life at big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon. Being surrounded with those individuals makes me feel so humble. It makes me feel what I always wanted: to be the dumbest guy in the room who has so much to learn from his peers. These people are really humble and are willing to listen to you, and teach you what they know. Moreover, they will expect more from you and drive you to be a better version of yourself.

It’s truly a blessing to be in a position where we have more client work than we can execute due to the limited amount of resources. Where we are growing tremendously, even during a worldwide pandemic. If you know anybody who needs help, or if you would like to know more about the opportunities at Nuvalence, feel free to reach out. The rocket ship is about to go off.