Given the pace of this past year, I suppose it’s only fitting that we didn’t slow down long enough to realize that we’d passed the one-year mark. When we started Nuvalence last year, there were a few things that we knew for sure:

  1. We were going to start with a core group of talented people who already loved working together. We’d been through highs and we’d been through lows but through it all, we stuck together and became great coworkers and friends.

  2. We were not going to raise nor did we need institutional money. We wanted the freedom to build the type of long-term company and culture that was accountable only to its community, customers and its employees.

  3. The market was in the midst of a change from a project -> product -> platform mindset and trusted, competent help was hard for companies to find. We witnessed this first hand in helping leading edge enterprises build platforms and ecosystems through our experiences at companies like Apprenda, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and others.

We felt that these factors set the stage for a great opportunity. Like any startup, what we felt was far less important than how the market would feel. One year into our journey, we can honestly say that we have been completely blown away by the market response. We sailed past our first year financial targets months ago and have already reset our goals higher several times. While financial performance is important, establishing our reputation by doing great work for demanding customers is an even more important early goal.

We’re honored that our clients have trusted us to help them deliver the most critical elements of their business and digital platform strategies. In a short span, we’ve been fortunate to work across a range of verticals including financial services, media, automotive and energy. While we’re humbled by the opportunities and trust that we’ve been given, we are equally confident in our ability to deliver world class outcomes. Each of our early clients has already provided enthusiastic references on our behalf and we’re more proud of that than anything else. The entire team is excited about the year ahead including the new challenges we’ll help clients solve and the new team members we’ll welcome to our mission (yes, obviously we are hiring!).

We are just getting started.

Rakesh / Sinclair / Abe