It’s well understood by most successful organizations that software is, indeed, eating the world. You’ll hear ambitious businesses repeat this slogan as part of their mantra and a few will have even deeply internalized it. What’s also true is that most companies struggle with transitioning from their existing business posture to a more agile and digital future. Creating “innovation labs”, running hackathons, and creating open-concept work environments are all fine but they are simply window dressing unless they are accompanied by a deeper, more meaningful cultural change.

The truth is that companies are in a really difficult spot. On the one hand, the sheer number of open-source projects and cloud services make nearly any digital product vision possible. On the other hand, this optionality comes with great cost and complexity. Gone are the days when you chose a solution from one of three vendors – and good riddance! Unfortunately, evaluating from amongst dozens of solutions at nearly every decision point is completely overwhelming and your decisions may be rendered obsolete before you can implement them. When you add the need to carry forward years (or even decades) of existing investments as part of this strategy, it’s easy to see why so many innovation initiatives get bogged down before they can generate meaningful momentum.

As these organizations look for outside help, most are finding that their traditional services partners don’t have the right blend of experience and skills for this brave new world. Sure, they can find developers, project managers, and business analysts but most traditional consultants have never actually designed, built, and delivered large-scale software and services. It’s pretty hard to help your clients behave like a world-class software company when you’ve never built or been a leader at one yourself.

Enter Nuvalence

We are excited to introduce Nuvalence, a new breed of services firm. Our background and experience make us uniquely equipped to help our clients capitalize on software and cloud services opportunities within their respective businesses. We are builders of products, services, and companies. We always look to solve problems by building products to drive efficiency, even if it means fewer projects and billable hours. By doing so, we’re aligning ourselves with our customers and their long-term success, and not with short-sighted goals. We are engineers who have “learned by doing” and like most good engineers, we have the scars to prove it.

We also deeply appreciate the enterprise terrain and realize that starting with a clean slate is a luxury most organizations do not have. Established businesses need to modernize their existing investments in people, processes, and technology. They need to turn them into competitive weapons instead of the headwinds to progress that they are today. We’re not here to replace your team, we’re here as an extension of your team so that we can transfer skills, and knowledge and help you build new expertise.

Modernization and transformation are not projects with end dates. They are continuous. They are the new normal. Innovative companies will not shy from this challenge or play defense. They will view this as a generational opportunity to fearlessly redefine their markets. If this sounds like your organization, reach out.

Let’s get to work.

Rakesh Malhotra /Sinclair Schuller

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