Since the beginning of my career, I’ve focused on building platforms that empower software engineers to deliver value more efficiently. In early 2016, I started working with Kubernetes at Apprenda, where I was part of a team that built a Kubernetes installation toolkit. My Kubernetes adventure then took me to Heptio and VMware, where I got to contribute to the project and work side-by-side with customers as they built their platforms and took them to production.

Through our engagements with customers, it became apparent that Kubernetes by itself is not enough to achieve production-grade outcomes. The reality is that Kubernetes is a foundation for building platforms and not the endgame. This foundation provides a standard API, a set of built-in primitives, and various extension points. How to build a platform upon Kubernetes is an exercise left to the reader.

book cover.png

As we continued helping dozens of customers find success with Kubernetes, Josh, Rich, John, and I decided to write a book based on our collective experiences. Production Kubernetes aims to guide you through the journey involved in building a viable application platform atop Kubernetes. It includes practical and pragmatic guidance for platform engineers looking to navigate the complexities of Kubernetes.

I am beyond excited about the release of our book. I hope it inspires and helps engineering organizations as they take their application platforms to production. More importantly, I hope it helps organizations deliver value more efficiently to their customers. At Nuvalence, that’s precisely what we do. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, government 2.0, COVID-19 response, and others, we work with our clients and together build scalable digital platforms that enable solutions to these complex problems.

If you’re curious about our work or if you have any feedback about the book, I’d love to hear it! Feel free to reach me at or @alexbrand.