27th May 2020 | Written by Sinclair Schuller

Using Technology for a Durable COVID Response

At Nuvalence, the problems we tackle require platform thinking – the best way to address the most significant opportunities and challenges is to empower an ecosystem. Platform thinking solves precisely the type of problem we see in the challenge of re-opening and staying open in a post-pandemic world. You’re already getting into rooms or Zoom calls to discuss the technical short- and long-term response to COVID-19, so we created something rooted in the concept of platform thinking to help guide that conversation. 

Even if you haven’t worked with or never work with Nuvalence, we hope you find the framework useful in managing your own organization’s go-forward infection risk management plans:

  1. Slide deck for “A Reference IRM Platform Architecture” (Google Slides, or PDF): Provides a summary and explanation of concepts related to a digital platform for Infection Risk Management (IRM) 
  2. White paper for “A Reference IRM Platform Architecture” (PDF): Provides a high-resolution explanation of organizational infection response management and IRM Platform concepts

In the coming months, we’ll be refining concepts contained in these documents, and we’ll peel away the “Coming Soon” label from parts of the technology. Stay tuned!

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